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http://www.quranawsunnat.com/mp3/Sahih Bukhari/1 KITAAB BADALWAHEE.zip

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assalamu aliakum!
i am very happy when find this site. it is a very nice and excellent approach towards the islam spreach.inshallah a very big number of muslims will be fasillitate by this way,. i have one suggestion that we need online questio and answer programme espicialy we desire to ask from sheikh ameenulla.
dr muhammad ayaz
saudi arab

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته brother … JazakAlllahu khair ..I will ask the sheikh inshaAllah

we need FATAWA SHEIKH Ameenullah in arbic and as well as in urdu over this site, and urdu TAFSEER ALONG WITHN OTHER TAQREER TO FASILITATE OUR URDU SPEAKER BROTHERS.

We will try to get them InshaAllah

I am Muslim I want to die with islam live

alsalam aliukom warahmatullah wabarakatoh
i am so happy about this site it is so beneficial for all muslim we need tafseer of shikh alquran wal hadith abdul salam

with best regards hizbullah peshawari

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