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jazakallah i have very impressed from your site and i want more wide knowledge from allah

shaikh sahib allah de hamesh jwande lareee awsalaf de allah hamesh kamyab laree za germany ke staa bayan awram

sw wr wb,

can you refresh the post´s from “EMAAN” ?
my english is bat, im sry.
i dont see, part 2 and 8…. barak allahu feek.

Salam Alikum bro Ezzat for the detail of Tafseer & Ahathis.

how two open them may {ALLAH.S.W.T.A}Reword you.

One book from Sahih Bokhary is missing no 22. Jazakamullah khearen.

Asalam Alikum brother where is the rest of the ahathis from Sahih Bokhary,please add them all may {Allah S.W.T.A.L}reword you in this life and the here after.May {ALLAH} bless you always.


as wr wb

how are u dear brother and sister ?
my english is very bad, so take it easy.
im from germany and we need lecture like nawaqid ul islam ,emaan… and more, to build a basal. the reason are the parents, there are ignorate but when the shuyukh talk about islam there(the parents) acceptet but not from the son or toughter…..

please refresh all post´s – barak allahu feekum


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